Thursday 1 February 2018

New Music: Courtney Marie Andrews - Kindness Of Strangers

If there’s one thing there’s not enough of, that there really should be more of, is weekend matinee gigs. Have a nice spot of lunch before, stroll down to the venue, enjoy some live music without having to worry if you’re going to cut it too fine and miss the last train home and be home in time for tea – ready for either a night in relaxing and an early night, or going out again to do something else. Maybe even another gig.

Sadly, in all of my gig going years, having seen thousands of bands live, outside of festivals and record shop in-stores I think I’ve only ever been to two matinee shows. This weekend I’ll be making it a third with Courtney Marie Andrews.

Andrews has already placed herself firmly in my musical affections with her previous gospel tinged song May Your Kindness Remain (posted here) and now the caring theme continues, this time with Kindness of Strangers, a song that came from the idea that sometimes when you’re feeling low, a few simple words or a nice action from another human being can mean everything. It’s pretty simple really isn’t it? Just be nice to people and the world will be a much better place. 

I’ve already written about how Courtney’s new material reminds me of some of Maria Mckee’s work and this song with the soulful backing vocals and piano in amongst the country guitars does the same. Then of course there’s her voice; strong, commanding and full of emotional clout.

The new album seems to be shaping up very nicely and it should be a pleasure to see her in a tiny pub mid-afternoon this weekend. (Both of her Guildford shows, matinee and daytime are sold out, but she returns to the UK this spring for a larger tour in bigger venues).

Courtney Marie Andrews - Kindness Of Strangers

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