Friday 23 February 2018

New Music: Introducing - Halie

What is going on in Bergen, Norway? First we get the all conquering Sigrid and now here comes its latest protégé. She’s called Halie (I’m reliably informed pronounced “Hahh-lee”) and just like Sigrid she’s clearly an impressive talent. This song, Youth, has a colossal chorus. It’s like someone has pulled together all of the best bits of some of the world’s best pop singers (Adele, Sigrid, Florence, Jessie Ware) and wrapped them up into one delicious musical wrap. Oh, and Halie is only 17. Yes, she’s still at school.

It seems it’s not only me that Halie has impressed. She’s been signed to the same people that manage Sigrid and Aurora and after just her fourth ever live show at Where is The Music, a festival that’s the equivalent of Sweden’s Great Escape last week, she was immediately offered a slot on Skavlan, which (again) I’m reliably informed is the biggest TV show in Norway & Sweden. Next up for Halie is Oslo’s By:Larm festival in March, but if like me you are stuck in another country at least you can enjoy this five-star pop song now and whilst you are at it check out her debut song Echo by clicking here, which was released last year. If Halie has more in her bag of the same quality as Youth, she's a contender for sure.

Halie - Youth

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