Friday 13 October 2017

New Music: Introducing - iZNiiK

There’s no background and no story with this new artist who goes by the rather odd name of iZNiiK. Despite doing the usual detective work of a whole lot of Google searches and with no record label or PR email to hand, it’s impossible to tell even if iZNiiK is one person or a group. If I were to hazard a guess though I’d suggest they’re a solo artist, because iZNiiK’s debut EP (simply called EP1) sounds like some sort of crazy off-your-face bedroom DJ mash up project. Songs, if you can call them that, are formed from a cleverly pieced together collage of vocal samples, jazzy grooves, hip hop beats, r ‘n’ b thrills and spills and whatever else iZNiiK decides needs to be there. The obvious comparison is of course The Avalanches, and perhaps there are minor elements of Clarence Clarity and Jai Paul as well, but with iZNiiK the sound is if anything, more confusing, more deliberately screwy and definitely more funked up. How this whole thing works is beyond me, but it does.

Take a listen to the futuristic sounding So Easy below and then check out the whole EP by clicking here.

Update: The one thing I do know about iZNiiK is the artwork for his EP was created by Jonathan Zawanda, an Australian artist living in LA who has worked with a lot of electronic musicians including Flume (for the cover of Skin) as well as Classixx and Mark Pritchard.

iZNiiK - so easy

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