Thursday 5 October 2017

New Music: Tempesst - Waiheke

The first thing I did after listening to the new song from Tempesst, was to Google Waiheke, which demonstrates my lack of Geography knowledge, but also shows how educational music can be when you have unusual or interesting reference points. According to the ubiquitous search engine it is an Island in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. A bit of further searching reveals that Toma from the band and his girlfriend went there a while ago and the song comes as a result of a tarot card reading on the Island with his girlfriend’s dad.

When I first featured Tempesst on the blog in 2015 (was it that long ago - time flies doesn't it?) I talked of how the band’s music swirled with colour and a hint of psychedelia and there’s an element of that here as well. Starting with a howl of noise and a cosmic throb Waiheke is all about big expansive sky-searching riffs, dreamy vocals and bedazzling guitars that take you somewhere rather mystical. Indie kids, shoegaze dreamers and progressive rock fans will probably find something to lose themselves in here. I’d like to hear this in amongst clouds of dry ice and trippy visuals, played very loud.

An EP is due from the band at the end of the month and live dates also follow.

Tempesst - Waiheke

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