Sunday 29 October 2017

New Music: Anteros - Bonnie

Last week I caught up with the ever effervescent Anteros live on the Brighton leg of the Hopscotch tour, a fantastic value (free) 3 band affair that also featured Stereo Honey and Yonaka. What was clear was that despite their indie pop songs being rather old fashioned sounding (in a good way - I can imagine them having fitted in quite nicely around the time of mid 90's Britpop) the Anteros fans, who were bouncing up and down at the front in a sweaty smiling mass, were full of youthfulness.

The kids are right of course; Anteros is a great band. This four piece know how to write a bouncy, life affirming pop tune. New addition Bonnie is another one of those and is a call to the ideals of acceptance of what you have in life rather than comparing yourselves to others all the time. With the narcissistic environment that social media creates these days where only the most positive, charming, funny and succesful aspects of peoples lives are publicized and the less interesting stuff is ignored, it can be harder and harder for some people to find that ideal. 

There's just a couple of dates on the Hopscotch tour remaining, so if you're in Leeds tomorrow (30th Oct) or London on Tuesday (31st Oct) do try and get along to see three great bands playing - you can grab free tickets from this link.

Bonnie - Anteros

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