Sunday 29 October 2017

New Music: Pink Kink - Munchie Magic

If shout a-long girl gang hyper-punk vocals, Dick Dale surfing safari guitars and bonkers lyrics about tangy cheesy pizza boyfriends and yummy creamy watermelon kinky girlfriends sound like your sort of thing, then come and have a high energy pogo to the second release from Pink Kink, a maverick bunch of souls who seem intent on proving that Shakespeare really was right when he wrote that music was the food of love – although to be fair he probably wasn’t thinking of chilli chips, rainbow coloured spaghetti and eating you out when he sat down to write Twelfth Night. 

What’s not to love about a song that sounds like a Hanna-Barbara cartoon dirty dancing in a late-night garage club with this decade's version of the B52’s providing the soundtrack? Munchie Magic is irreverent, naughty and childishly fun and it's all the better for being those things.

Pink Kink - Munchie Magic

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