Thursday, 10 August 2017

New Music: Lauran Hibberd - Old Head Young Shoulders

Lauran Hibberd is blessed with one of those voices that just cuts through. Whether she is playing solo acoustic or with a full band, as she dissects her words, her vocal beauty is just instantly recognisable. It's for that reason (as well as having great songs) that I’ve been championing her a number of times on Breaking More Waves.

Lauran’s new tune Old Head Young Shoulders might start quite gently, but it soon unzips itself to reveal a buoyant and hugely enjoyable indie folk pop song. Once up and running it sounds like Lauran has been studying Usain Bolt, hammering along at some pace, although thankfully it doesn’t do a sub 10 second finish. Watch out for when the instruments drop and just the beat remains – live it’s sure to be a clap-along-with-Lauran moment for sure and the song as a whole will probably produce some twitchy shoulder, jerky arm dancing from the audience.

Lauran plays a gig in her homeland of the Isle of Wight this Friday as part of the Ventnor Fringe Festival, which is sold out. She will also be playing in Southsea, Portsmouth for Victorious Festival and at Lulworth Castle for Bestival in the next few weeks.

Lauran Hibberd - Old Head Young Shoulders

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