Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New Music: Gabrielle Aplin - Waking Up Slow

Here is a pop song that will make you want to stand up and cheer. And then have a crazy little boogie afterwards.

When Gabrielle Aplin utters the words: “I don’t see you like I used to, now I’m going back on the things that I know,” she might be singing about a relationship but then she could also be singing about music itself. But of course music is all about the relationships we have with it anyway, so all of these things are entwined aren’t they?

My relationship with this one is easy. It’s love at first listen. It’s like dancing on the clouds. It glides in from the heavens with pulses and hooks and melody and just makes everything about pop music seem worthwhile. It’s a song that will make you, like me, feel happy punch the air and shout YES!

Well done Gabrielle Aplin. Well done pop music.

Gabrielle Aplin - Waking Up Slow

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