Tuesday 9 August 2016

New Music: Introducing - Zuzu

I first came across Zuzu last autumn when Andy at The VPME named her as one of the highlights of last year's Festevol and then went on to describe the demo of her song Where'd You Go? as 'f**king ace'. And as someone who always enjoys a bit of swearing to show my excitement at a thunderous piece of music, I took notice.

So now here's Zuzu. She's from Liverpool. Her name makes her sound like she might be some sort of electronic dance music producer, but she's not. With a brand new track, Get Off, released through the Hand In Hive label, you can get to hear what she sounds like. Combining the geeky slacker rock sound of Courtney Barnett with a couldn't give a toss sneer not that far removed from the likes of Black Honey, Zuzu has a very pleasing petulance: "I don't know why I ever let you in, I guess I'll have to take this on the chin," she sings. You can almost imagine her giving the one fingered 'up yours' salute as she performs. Brash and bawdy, this one has some bite. As the man said - f**king ace.

Zuzu - Get Off

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