Wednesday 3 August 2016

New Music: Indiana - Caroline (Video)

From the pulsing synth ambience of Cliff Martinez’s superb soundtrack to the divisive (but in my opinion coldly mesmerising and hugely stylish) film The Neon Demon, to the creepy anolog synth score to Netflix’s hugely entertaining series Stranger Things by Austin four piece Survive, it seems that right now atmospheric electronica is having something of a renaissance. Next up, but bringing the sound into a pop context is Breaking More Waves long term favourite Indiana who has returned to the fold with new cut Caroline.

“I was picking tracks for album two and there were just too many to choose from, so instead of just throwing this one away I’ve made a video for it… something for you to get your teeth into whilst I continue to work on the second record,” Indiana posted on her Facebook yesterday.

Caroline adds a radio friendly accessibility to the robotic cinematic synth sound as Indiana sings of Caroline, a girl who gives away her dignity: “Caroline, they only want your body for the night. Caroline, don’t let them take you for a ride.” The accompanying video, which includes some erotic and voyeuristic red light shots, might be full of suggestive sexual imagery but there’s a tear stained sadness to it all. The closing shot of Indiana being held down against the car, staring in pain directly at the camera as a man gets what he wants is particularly uncomfortable to watch – you have been warned.

Final thought: If this hasn’t made the cut for the second album, then the quality of whatever else Indiana is producing must be very high indeed. It's also nice to see a modern electronic pop artist do something different from the now all too regular 'r n b flavoured electronica' which is danger of becoming this decades version of landfill indie. A very welcome return.

Indiana - Caroline (Video)

INDIANA - Caroline from INDIANA on Vimeo.

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