Tuesday 30 August 2016

New Music: Georgia Mason - Loveland

Back in 2014 I posted a track by a new singer Georgia Mason. The song in question, Running Blind, was a rather impeccable pop tune sung with a voice of some distinction. It would, after hearing Running Blind, have been easy to get on the hype horse and ride off into the distance shouting ‘next big thing’. If I had, I’d definitely have egg on my face now, because since that time, there’s been no new material, although Georgia has been gigging in and around London.

Now she's back and for those of us who expected some zeitgeist pop tunes bound for blog fervour, prepare for a shock. For Georgia has taken a bold step into the leftfield, with a four track EP played entirely on autoharp. Big and glossy this certainly isn’t. Bare bones, raw and bewitching it certainly is. Loveland, the title track, isn’t the easiest of listens, but nor is it a dauntingly difficult one. It just needs a little time to embrace in the same way that releases this year from PJ Harvey (another autoharp user) and Let’s Eat Grandma did. What remains with this EP though, to an even greater extent than Georgia’s previous recordings, is the impact of her voice. It's both childishly unsettling and fairy-tale beautiful – a devilish combination of Joanna Newsom and Nao if you can imagine such a thing.

Georgia Mason - Loveland

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