Friday, 19 August 2016

New Music: George Cosby - Juliet

In 2016, as Drake is boring the charts for weeks on end and where if someone recorded a fart and put ‘featuring Justin Bieber’ on the title it would probably get to number 1, there is a parallel universe where Juliet, the new song from George Cosby, is a huge radio and internet smash. Unfortunately that universe is a pretty tiny space at this moment in time, but that doesn’t stop this tune’s staggering ambition. 

Juliet is just magnificent, full of desperate emotion, and finds George asking with the best possible croon “tell me you needed me too,” amongst the stirring power chords. It’s a chest thumping, heart on sleeve anthem that sounds gloriously alive. It might not be soul music in the traditional sense, but this one undeniably has that soul. 

Look out for his forthcoming EP A Savage Kiss, the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2015 debut Human Touch, which secured George enough fans amongst new music bloggers in the UK to earn him a space on the Blog Sound of 2016 longlist. The new three track EP will be released October 14th on Yucatan Records and having heard all three tracks I can confirm it’s a belter.

George Cosby - Juliet

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Ian Griffiths said...

Superb review of a cracking new track from George.
Where does that voice come from?