Monday 11 April 2016

New Music: Pumarosa - Cecile

Photo credit: Hollie Fernando

If you type the words Ones to Watch 2016 and Pumarosa into Google the chances are you'll come up with a whole bunch of UK based websites that had this East London quintet down as tips for this year. Breaking More Waves was among them of course; in fact in terms of bloggers bragging rights, my tip was probably the first of those year end lists - all on the back of a couple of demos I wrote about in February 2015 and the mighty 7 minute epic Priestess released last September.

Whilst I've been on holiday Pumarosa have unveiled a new tune and so there was absolutely no chance of me being an annoying smug faced blogger laying a claim to being first this time. Also rather thankfully Cecile isn't a second rate copy of Priestess. The hypnotic-goth-trance sound of that previous song has been ditched for something else completely. A torrent of drums give way to an indie groove before the song relinquishes itself to the delirious power of the sax - which I'm reliably informed by others sounds a 'bit like Spear of Destiny'. Go ask your dad about them kids, and get him to listen to this at the same time. I'm confident he'll like it and after all there's nothing better to raise a smile than a bit of dad dancing.

Pumarosa - Cecile

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