Saturday 9 April 2016

New Music: Black Honey - All My Pride

A few weeks ago I went to see Black Honey at Guildford's Boiler Room venue and was pleasantly surprised for the big turn out for the band. Not that I should be surprised - they're a f*cking brilliant live act with a highly charismatic front woman and great musicianship - but I'm so used to turning up to shows in smaller cities and towns outside of London and finding what I consider to be superb bands playing to one man and his dog. It wasn't after all that long ago that I saw Wolf Alice in the same room and there were far less people there than for Black Honey, and yet now Wolf Alice are playing to 1000+ venues outside of London, have mass adoration and even got a nomination for the Mercury Prize. 

In many ways Black Honey's growth feels very similar to Wolf Alice - both have been loved by the blogosphere from the word go, but it's never felt like false hype or buzzy. Because of that each band has been able to take their time, refining their sound, releasing a number of singles and EPs and growing their audience organically, particularly through that good old fashioned route of playing live lots and winning a loyal audience. Current supports with Catfish & The Bottlemen will undoubtedly help as well.

Whilst I was away on holiday Black Honey put out a new track called All My Pride, so just in case you haven't heard it yet it's streaming below. A combination of thrashy indie energy, cocky yet scarred vocals, twangy guitars and a spearing chorus, it's another fine additional to their catalogue. 

All My Pride Is taken from a forthcoming EP called Headspin and judging by the other new songs Black Honey played in Guildford, it is going to be exceptionally good.

Black Honey - All My Pride

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