Wednesday 13 April 2016

New Music: Introducing - Basement Revolver

I first came across Basement Revolver when Chris from The Metaphorical Boat posted about them a few days ago and gave the almost inevitable comparison to the band Alvvays. 

Johnny, the debut effort from this Ontario based trio is all about rough distorted guitars that sound like they're being struck with almost nonchalant anger and a pretty pop melody over the top. I'll always be a sucker for a hooky tune, so this one grabbed me immediately.

Once again the process of songwriting is used here in a cathartic form, the lyrics dealing with a past relationship. What would writers do without them? Maybe I should try it with this blog and write about some ex-girlfriends. How about ‘Ex-Girlfriends and the music they liked?’ There would be quite a few records by The Smiths in that feature. In fact the chorus of this song sounds exactly like the sort of thing those ex-girlfriends might love, as it wallows about in angst. "It's a really bad time right now'" lead vocalist Chrisy Hurn tells us. It's another opportunity to enjoy other people's misery.

Oh, and talking of misery, look at those poor plants in that picture. They could do with some water.

Basement Revolver - Johnny

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