Saturday 23 April 2016

New Music: Billie Marten - Milk & Honey

Ah Billie Marten. From pretty humble beginnings Billie’s music has been finding an audience, and whilst ‘success’ in music isn’t necessarily the most important thing, from my perspective as a new music blogger, I relish the idea that there are other people out there who hear what I hear and feel what I feel when they listen to something I’ve posted. Falling in love isn’t always easy, but Billie’s music makes the whole process that much easier. 

Billie’s new song Milk & Honey, the follow up to Bird, continues to create all sorts of wonderful feelings. It’s just….perfect. It’s tenderly soft for sure, but never dainty; a heartfelt and rewarding listen that touches on the concepts of greed and commercialism. It’s no wonder she found herself on plenty of those end of year tip lists last year (including mine – here); and this is another example to justify her inclusion on them.

Billie Marten - Milk & Honey

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