Monday, 31 December 2012

PartyClub - Sparks

One of the jokes of 2012 has been how we just don't see or hear enough of Emeli Sande in the UK. The Olympics closing ceremony? Check.  X-Factor? Check.  HTC Beats Audio advert? Check. Constant radio playlisting? Check. Whoever she's got working for her has done a fantastic job. Just imagine if her team got hold of an artist that we (ie Breaking More Waves) actually loved. How fantastic could that possibly be? But whilst we imagine that dream happening let's remind ourselves that, just in case you'd forgotten, it’s New Years Eve / Hogmanay today, which means given half the chance Emeli will probably be about somewhere. After all last year she got a clip of her song Heaven on the London River Thames fireworks display before she was even that well known, so we’re guessing she’s banking on a slot on Jools Holland’s show tonight. 

For those of you who want something a little less well known to dance your arse off to before midnight, may we recommend York’s PartyClub?

PartyClub have become near regulars on Breaking More Waves, with Young & Free, Shake and Those Girls all lighting up the internet airwaves with a youthful sense of joy whilst racking up a significant number of plays on their Soundcloud in the process. Now they return with Sparks, an energised pop song that bubbles like it’s been overdosing on energy drinks. Put this on anywhere and we almost guarantee shapes being pulled the likes of which even Psy hasn’t thought of yet.

PartyClub - Sparks

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Unknown said...

I was at the cinema the other day and in the adverts before the Hobbit up came Emilie Sande. Exactly at the same time I was saying to my other half, 'God, Emilie Sande, she bloody gets everywhere' the person behind said the same thing.

Oh and a York band. Yay, that's where I'm from. :D