Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Y.O.U. - Volvic

It was only very recently that we introduced 23 year-old Elliott Williams aka Y.O.U and now here he is again with a second track, the sprightly sounding Volvic. Whilst the music may be bouncy, lyrically it’s not all glitter and happiness, for here we find Elliot singing about “heavy shit going down,” and “suffering inside.” So don’t be fooled into thinking that just because on a casual listen this is perky pop that it doesn’t deal with some deeper issues.  “It’s hard to talk about your problems,” Elliot sings before offering that “it helps to just open up.” 

Of course it probably shouldn’t be that surprising that there’s something a bit smarter than just a danceable electropop tune going on here - after all Elliot has an association with the band Editors having been adding keyboard sounds to their live set up in huge concert halls and arenas, but now he’s breaking out on his own. 

Y.O.U will be at this year’s Great Escape festival in Brighton at The Blind Tiger on the BBC Introducing Stage alongside another blog favourite Sophie Jamieson, providing an evening that promises to be highly eclectic. We already have both performances marked down in our diary. If you’re going down to Brighton, maybe so should you.

Y.O.U - Volvic

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