Monday, 21 April 2014

Esse - New Waves

Remember landfill indie? If our memory serves us right sometime around 2008 it got buried as the UK music police got bored of bands with guitars who were mostly blokes and instead started to get excited about anything else. 

We’re beginning to wonder if soon the UK blog police are going to call time on landfill once again – this time though it being landfill sparse R’n’B. For it seems that everywhere we look and listen there are men grabbing their laptops and finding influence from the likes of James Blake onwards.

It’s why we thought twice about posting this new London artist who goes by the name of Esse. (We're not sure if that's pronounced 'Essay' 'Essie' 'Esser' or just plain old simple 'Ess' - if someone could let us know we'd much appreciate it, thanks.) Having first come to our attention by the ever on the pulse Killing Moon blog, Esse’s debut track Deep Heart is so incredibly of the moment that initially we decided it was too-zeitgeisty for its own good and wouldn't feature it. But there was something nagging in our brain, scratching and clawing, trying to make itself heard, and it was this; shouldn’t our decisions on what we post be made on the quality of the song, not if it was in fashion or not? 

So here it is. Deep Heart by Esse. It’s a richly soulful piece of work,  that keeps everything just as it needs to be, no more, no less. It’s brimming with atmosphere but also has a melody that gets under the skin. Killing Moon suggested that it reminded them of a track from 2009 by an act called Samuel and the Dragon (we suspect that song was Diamonds On A Boat) and we can hear the similarity in stylistic terms, both songs harnessing both minimalism and outrageous beauty. 

Oh and Killing Moon peeps, if by any chance you ever read this, we know in your post you asked what happened to Samuel? Click here for your answer. Not sure what happened to the dragon though. 

Esse - Deep Heart

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