Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fight Like Apes - Crouching Bees

Fact: The first ever new music post on Breaking More Waves was about Irish crazy-kids Fight Like Apes. It was the fifth post in total, after an introduction piece, a discussion on the future of UK festivals and two festival reviews. Those first posts paved the way for the next 2000+ articles, with new music becoming the prime focus, the occasional discussion piece and come summer some festival coverage.

Now at post number 2090 here are Fight Like Apes again and we’re pleased to confirm they’re still a bit bonkers – after all we couldn’t imagine James Blake / Bon Iver / The XX or any of the other new-serious artists announcing that their new EP was called Whigfield Sextape. We wonder if it was recorded on a Saturday Night?

From the EP comes Crouching Bees, a tune that’s less violently brash than the material they were releasing when we first wrote about them. And even if it doesn’t pack the same punch as songs like the virulent punk pop of Jake Summers or Lend Me Your Face there’s still enough to keep the ears engaged, from lyrics of “coming up on street drugs,” and “ playing a lady for today,” to the shiny oriental sounding synth riffs that pepper the tune. The Whigfield Sextape EP will be released through Alcopop records in May – a label which makes a lot of sense for the band to be on.

Fight Like Apes - Crouching Bees

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Caffy St Luce said...

Very cool band. Now I've ready that I want to go and see them again x