Thursday, 10 April 2014

Y.O.U - New Waves

Manchester’s Elliot Williams is Y.O.U. But no, he’s not you (unless of course your name is Elliot Williams). Instead he’s Your Own Universe which he forms the acronym Y.O.U from. His debut track Heavy Crown has already been online for a couple of months and is gradually being picked up by more and more blogs. So whilst we may not be the earliest on this, we’re never one to turn down a good pop song just because it’s been out for a while. It would be like turning down a date with your ultimate fantasy woman / man just because she’s had a few partners before finding you.

Heavy Crown may sound like a rather depressing title, but the song is anything but that. Bouncy basslines, choppy guitar licks, hooky electronics and a chopped up vocal sample intro that’s inventively entertaining make Heavy Crown a very chirpy number. “Everything will be just fine,” goes the lyric and you’d have to be a bloody enormous pessimist to disagree with that after hearing this. Smile-inducing dance pop.

Y.O.U - Heavy Crown

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