Friday, 4 April 2014

Siren - New Waves

Do you like pop music? We do. And we most definitely like Siren. Here’s some facts to get you going:

1. Siren is Kat Ostenberg and Skyler Stonestreet from Los Angeles. 

2. Siren's debut single I Think I Like You is one of those pop tunes that brings big drums. We like big drums. 

3. I Think I Like You is very infectious. There’s at least three hooks. 1. The "Ooooh oooh," parts. 2. The "I want it all to remind me of the first time," bit. 3. The title line with it’s added "but it’s complicated." We particularly like the way Siren half pause during the singing of the word complicated. Maybe that’s a bit too much analysis of one word in a pop song though, but it's the attention to detail that's sometimes important.

4. Another part we like is where Siren shout the word "Hey!" a bit like Mø does on a fair few of her songs. This is a good thing. There should be more shouting "Hey!" on pop records. It gives them a sense of having a spontaneous energy, even if in reality the artist stood in a recording studio shouting "Hey!" thirty times until they got it just right.

5. This track was produced by somebody called Mike Del Rio, who had involvement in Kylie’s Into The Blue and has also worked with Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud, so pop is very much in his blood.

6. Skyler Stonestreet seems to be pretty much all over the place, with releases under her own name as well as One Two (don't be confused by the blondeness on their Facebook), but we like Siren the best.

7. That’s quite a lot of likes in that post. A bit like on Facebook, although you won't find Breaking More Waves there.

Here’s the song. If you like it, share it around, that's the way these things work these days isn't it?

Siren - I Think I Like You

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