Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ulla Nova - Kid From London (Video)

Ulla Nova doesn’t seem to be in too much of a rush about things. After all her debut single is released on May 12th yet it first appeared on Breaking More Waves last November. At this rate, if she’s recording an album we’ll have to wait till the next decade, Gun 'n' Roses style. However it’s worth the wait, because in case you have forgotten (or have only joined us recently) Kid From London is a big old five-star piece of on-the-money electronic pop music. In fact, given a few months break it sounds even better second time round. 

To celebrate the release Ulla has just put this video on line and following her promotion of the Citroen 2CV (see this post) now we get motorbikes to continue the journey. Oh and remember all that Lana Del Rey lips fiasco a few years back? Well we tried to resurrect the whole stupid thing with George Ezra (see here – he has good lips) and failed, but now Ulla is wading in with her lipstick coated loveliness to visualise her ear snogging music. It’s a winning formula. 

Ulla Nova plays the Great Escape festival in Brighton this May. Rumours of kiss chase outside the venue are yet to be confirmed.

Ulla Nova - Kid From London (Video)

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