Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile

We dislike the idea of ‘real music’ and ‘proper bands’ if only because having that sort of closed mindset stifles creativity and exciting new experiences. But for those who like to think in those terms Wolf Alice probably fit the bill very nicely. After all, there’s guitars, no laptops, four people and a big town and city tour that frequents venues named Esquires, Wedgewood Rooms and Think Tank rather than just ones named O2 Academy.

Yet whilst we cry tears of boredom for the 'real' and 'proper' brigade, especially if they start talking about how guitar music is coming back, we’re in full agreement that Wolf Alice are bloody marvellous. It’s why we named them our number 1 act to watch for 2014 last year.

Taken from their forthcoming EP Creature Songs, Moaning Lisa Smile is a beast of a tune. After a misleading lo-fi intro somebody plugs in the power button, flicks the switch and the band get meaty with grinding rock riffs, low-slung petulance and big ‘ah-ah-ah’ vocal hooks. This sounds positively dirty and that’s how we like it sometimes. Don't you?

Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile


Andy Von Pip said...

I agree, besides Guitar music can't come back, as it never went away. It can co-exist with electro, industrial, pop indeed with artists even *gasp* combining elements of all the genres mentioned above and more. However it doesn't suit the industry to let this happen, one must be figuratively killed off in order that another may live. Ie/ "hey guys let's promote this (insert genre here) as the new on trend music in order to shift units to the tragically hip.

tis all bollocks and nowt about music and all about marketing as we know. Good music is good music innit? And Wolf Alice produce great music

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Electro said...

It's an awesome tune, indeed.