Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lauren Scrivener - New Waves

We've said it before, but the south-central coastal part of the UK (where Breaking More Waves is based) is developing a nice line in female vocal singer songwriters using electronic production techniques at the moment. From rising pop-starlet Laurel, to Portsmouth newcomer Eloise Keating, to today’s new artist, the Southampton based Lauren Scrivener.  Lauren has impressed us with the five songs she has up on her Soundcloud – particularly the serene and slow-burning Waiting For You.

Although we don’t want to start a battle of the sexes it does seem that right now, down by the Solent, the girls are winning over the boys and Lauren is pushing the female score up even higher. She’s like the UK’s answer to Banks or Broods, only without the big PR team behind her to bring her to the world’s attention. Her songs like the aforementioned Waiting For You and the sensitive Alone are gorgeously nocturnal, with perfectly framed production and a spliffy ethereal ambiance designed for intimate listening via headphones. It’s lovely soft-pop, ready to comfort you in its blanket of warmth. Even when the tempo is upped a little and Lauren gets ravey, as she does on Toxic, it’s hardly the full on bangs of Calvin Harris or David Guetta. Instead the synth sounds are soothing and cozy; the blissful sound of the drive home through the night as the sun rises. 

Come on south coast boys, it’s time to up your game.

Lauren Scrivener - Waiting For You

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