Thursday, 17 April 2014

Meadowlark - Family Tree

“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard,” states one comment on the Soundcloud player for Family Tree, the lead track on Meadowlark’s debut EP Three Six Five. High praise, and whilst we wouldn’t go quite that far ourselves, there’s no doubt that this is a bit of a diamond, now fully fleshed out from the earlier demo version the band first released about a year ago. Previously Family Tree was pretty but a little bare yet now accompanied by an opulent string backing it blossoms into something exquisite and lush as it plays through. 

It seems that creating tunes that expand into something quite moving is one of Meadowlark’s talents. We noted this of I’ve Got You, another of their earlier works that we streamed back in November 2013 that it built up ‘some head of steam’ and now they’re doing it again. An absorbing pop ballad that we've been playing over and over. The Three Six Five EP is released on 26th May.

Meadowlark - Family Tree


Anonymous said...

Her voice gives me the horn.

Scryst said...

Such a lovely song - thank you this is why I like Breaking More Waves.