Monday, 7 April 2014

Florrie - Free Falling (Video)

Ah the rock ‘n’ roll dream. Would you like to live it?

Remember Pete Doherty and The Libertines? What sort of house do you think he lives in? Our guess would be some sort of scuzzy, dirty squat of a flat with litter, empty beer cans and cigarette butts strewn all over the place. There’d probably be a few random strangers slumped half unconscious against a soiled sofa in the living room and a sink full of unwashed plates and mouldy food scraps in the kitchen as well. The only artwork would be Pete’s creations, painted with his own blood. Of course some people would say that this just shows that Pete is truly rock ‘n’ roll. 

Frankly, if that’s living the dream then we’d quite happily defect to the land of pop and shack up at Florrie’s place. Judging from this video for Free Falling, the second song to be released from her forthcoming Sirens EP, it is at least a lot cleaner and more spacious than where we imagine Doherty to be shacked up; albeit Florrie’s place has the type of architecture that has now become a cliché, with its urban mainstream minimalism with lots of glass, blonde wood floors, obligatory Barcelona chair and footstool*. Oh and what’s with the boring slightly scary looking boyfriend ? He looks like he’s being doing as many drugs as Doherty.

So in conclusion: The house of pop is a lot nicer than the house of rock, but often full of cliché. 

Thankfully Free Falling with its chorus-verse-chorus upside down construction manages to avoid those clichés, which we guess is why Florrie is a potential pop star rather than an architect or interior designer.

Catch its hookiness below.

*Footnote : No we realise we're not an architecture blog, but technically we're more qualified to write about building design than we are music. Just for your information.

Florrie - Free Falling (Video)

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