Friday, 18 April 2014

Lüthian - New Waves

Although we love joyful energetic music that makes us dance and thrash our bodies around in abandon, there’s a side of us that loves to immerse ourselves in slow burning, melancholic sounds. The yin and yang; we simply can’t exist with each one playing off the other. It can be recordings of any genre, from the electronic Ambient Works albums by Aphex Twin, to the traditional folk of The Unthanks, to Mazzy Star, Portishead, Daughter or even the more down moments of Lana Del Rey. Sad music sometimes makes us feel comforted or even happy.

So here’s a fine example of that. We know absolutely nothing about Lüthian, a producer from Vancouver, Canada who came to us today by way of the highly prolific HillyDilly blog, probably our favourite blog for alerting us to lots of great downtempo electronica and ambient music.

Maybe it's the sound of the pouring rain, or the unhurried luscious female vocal, or the softening electronic pulses and beats that gets us, but whatever it is, this music sounds utterly melancholy and beautifully reassuring. It’s music for those late night come downs or those early bleary eyed coffee moments. Soak it up.

Lüthian - In Between

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