Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jude - New Waves

Comparisons to the vocal classiness and spacious electronic backing of Lorde are inevitable, but irrespective of sonic similarities this debut track, Crystals, from West Palm Beach residents Jude is an outstanding electronic pop song. There’s not that much information to go on at the moment, we don’t even know if the duo’s name was chosen after Jude The Apostle, Jude Law, The Beatles song, or something else. All the band told us as they dropped the song into our email in box yesterday afternoon was this: “We just released our first song today for free download.  Ep coming this summer.” Their Facebook isn’t much help either: “You’ll see what you want to see,” they state.

What we do know is that Jude consists of Sydney Morris and Kevin James Neal and that Crystals drips and flows into the ears with fluid ease and then coats itself liberally over your brain. Give it a couple of plays and you’ll be humming the line about ‘crystals in the sky, everyone’s trying to get on by,’ before you know it. We particularly like the way that Sydney sings the word get – like she’s having to force it out from the back of her throat with some force.

A meritable start, now let’s see if they can throw in some more of their own identity as they release more material going forward.

Jude - Crystals

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