Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wolf Alice - Storms

In terms of internet buzz Wolf Alice are a bit of an anomaly. A cursory glance on Hype Machine will almost inevitably show that the most written about and most loved acts on the 795 blogs the site currently aggregates across the world have some basis in either electronic, pop, hip-hop or r’n’b music and indie rock doesn’t get that much of a look in. Yet the most blogged act on Hype Machine by UK based bloggers in 2013 was Wolf Alice, guitars and all, and pretty much every one of their songs has found love on the go-to site for those who are interested in what music bloggers are listening to and writing about at any moment of the year.  Whatever it is Wolf Alice are doing, they’re doing it right.

And here they go again.

Taken from the forthcoming Creature Songs EP due May 26, new song Storms is a firecracker that will probably make you want to paint on some black eyeliner and go and dig out the back catalogue of early 90’s indie / goth band Curve, but that’s no bad thing. Possessing a rage and a sensitivity that is staggering, Storms demolishes everything in front of it with waves of distorted reverby guitar, chunky bass and lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s cooing voice. Both abrasive and beautiful, it’s essential listening.

Wolf Alice - Storms

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