Monday, 28 April 2014

Jetta - Crescendo

You can tell when someone gets to that top floor level of being so well known that they don’t have to use their surname anymore. From John, Paul, George and Ringo through to Adele, you know instantly who those people are. Jetta isn’t anywhere near that level yet, but Crescendo is likely to push her forward, helped by the production assistance of another man who we all know by just one name – Pharrell. 

Of course if you’re a long term reader of Breaking More Waves you may know Jetta’s name, after all we first featured this ex Paloma Faith backing singer and Liverpool lass way back in 2012, but it’s taken her until now to get round to releasing what appears to be tagged as her debut single proper from a forthcoming EP, which leads us into a whole different debate about when is a newly released song online not a single and when is it and does it really matter anymore?

Crescendo is quite a departure from Jetta’s previous songs like the big soul stormer of Start A Riot or the epic lighters in the air ballad Feels Like Coming Home, being much more pop light, with a lilting vocal chant, but shows that she can apply herself to any style – in this case an updated mix of Amazulu, early Bananarama and The Belle Stars but with a modern funky groove and a hint of Icona Pop (and dare we say it (gulp) Little Mix?)

Jetta - Crescendo

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