Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mononoke - Barefoot And Broken (Video)

She’s still doing a relatively good job of keeping her real name secret (even if certain bloggers who have worked it out have been hiding secret clues on the internet for those who are prepared to look into the bigger picture and get the answer) but now the music is flowing again as Mononoke has uploaded her third song Barefoot and Broken for your listening pleasure.

An understated piano based ballad, with a modernist pop production, Barefoot and Broken doesn’t sound like a straight to radio chart-friendly hit, but that's not a criticism. There’s a gentler subtlety at play here, but one which pays dividends on repeated listens. It’s a song to drift away to, her soft but strong vocal encased in the musical equivalent of a floating cloud.

Finally a minor moan; does anyone else (apart from ourselves) really dislike the typeface used in the logo above image ? Is it wrong that we actually hate it? Poverty, injustice, war and the crimes of the world and we’re getting angry about a typeface. Save us.

Mononoke - Barefoot and Broken (Video)


Anonymous said...

You can here videos on YouTube with her singing with Lawson and an interview. Not the best videos as there on someone's camera.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thaqnks - yes we've seen those previously ;)

Adam Alphabet Bands said...

I believe, though am likely wrong (as I often am) that the typeface is a variation on that used for the Princess Mononoke DVD cover.

The film being the most likely source from where [redacted] got her stage name.

I think it looks fine :)

Lauren Maria said...

i love her voice

Anonymous said...

Ha ha just got it.

Thanks for putting me in the picture.