Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Blooms - Lust

Louise Cunnane who goes by the name of Blooms has already found a place on Breaking More Waves with Skin and If I and today we’re streaming a third track. Lust isn’t the sound of clothes being ripped off frantically or sweaty bodies pushing against each other like there is no tomorrow, but instead the sound of sultry computerised loops and minimalistic restraint. “Lost in lust, lost in you, in you I trust,” Louise sings calmly as if she’s floating some distance away from whatever passionate collisions are going on elsewhere. 

Lust is the debut track from an EP called If which takes the listener on a narrative of the emotions and feelings that come once you’ve given in to lust, through love to the inevitable heartache, for sad as it seems every relationship eventually ends somewhere. 

The EP will be released in April via Dusk Dais Dawn.

Blooms - Lust

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