Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Visions of Trees - Everything Awaits / Turn 2 U

Every year at the start of December, like pretty much every other new music publication we produce our own Ones to Watch list for the year ahead. It features 10 artists who we think may go on to do something interesting creatively, be it make an outstanding album or play some great live shows or have commercial success. Most but not all of the acts will have already featured on the blog in some form, effectively the list being a neat summary of artists that we favour at that moment in time. Last year we added a rule that stated that all of our choices must also be from the UK, as a significant proportion of our readership (just over 50%) and music that we feature is from the UK.

In 2008 our list ended up being jam packed full of future commercial winners with Florence and the Machine, White Lies, Mumford & Sons, La Roux, Little Boots and Marina and The Diamonds (a year before she started appearing on most peoples tip lists and didn’t hit the charts until 2010).

However our Ones To Watch for this year were in places a little more leftfield. Although we peppered the list with some acts who have gone on to have reasonable commercial success such as The Vaccines, James Blake and Clare Maguire (who was also in our 2009 list – a little too early again), we also named a number of acts who didn’t have any record deal in place and were probably never going to be going anywhere near the top 40 singles or albums chart, although in our dreams the charts and radio would be full of this stuff. This included the likes of D/R/U/G/S, Misty Miller, Let’s Buy Happiness and our favourite Cocteau-Twins-at-the-disco duo Visions Of Trees, who we said at the time “may not be the most obviously commercial band of our Ones to Watch 2011 but their seductive sound is probably going to do its best to coax you into some erotic musical fee-loving.”

So with a new single on its way it’s time to get passionate again and let Joni and Sara, who are Visions of Trees, get just a little bit carnal with you. They’ve recently uploaded two new demo tracks on line and we’re featuring both here to arouse you. Everything Awaits takes the group away from their hazy, floaty beginnings to produce something more dazzlingly disco – a jittering alt-trance anthem of sorts. Turn 2 U follows a similar line, raising the game with Salem-esque synths and club banger mentality – like a ghostly version of Faithless in heaven. This goes beyond foreplay, and these sexual puns go a bit beyond necessary....

EVERYTHING AWAITS (DEMO) by Visions of Trees

TURN 2 U (DEMO) by Visions of Trees

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