Thursday, 14 July 2011

I Dream In Colour - Ready To Go

I Dream In Colour was the subject of a ‘New Waves’ post here at Breaking More Waves back in March. Now the epic indie rockers release their new EP These Folded Arms out on Monotwin Records on July 18. Rather than simply shooting one video for the lead song on the EP, the band have gone the whole hog and recorded one for each track and these are being premiered on a series of blogs this week. The videos link together to create one film.

You can see the other three videos on the following blogs: Wide Awake on Cats Band Crushes, Hold on to Your Heart on There Goes The Fear, Lessons on The Ruckus and today Breaking More Waves presents the fourth and final video, for the song Ready To Go. Tomorrow you’ll be able to watch them all together on the groups facebook page – surely twenty minutes of your time better spent than watching Come Dine With Me or Police Camera Action? In the meantime wrap your ears around the whole EP here.

Ready to Go is our favourite song from the EP, not because it shares the same title as the hit by ‘Jessie J stole my haircut’ band Republica (although that’s a close second) but because this brooding, emotive, valley-straddling indie rock song shows that it’s still possible to do something that grabs you by the balls (or any other part of anatomy that’s free) with vocals, guitar, bass and drums.

Ready To Go by idreamincolourband

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