Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pris - Janie Jones (Video) + Bye Bye Baby

We love Pris. We love the fact that they’ve called us a c*nt. (Ok, it had the word lovely in front of it, but that’s not the point). We love the fact that they don’t give a sh*t. Yet we don’t like swearing. We don’t particularly like shouting, being angry or being abusive to people. Really we just want the whole world to be one big festival of love. So we’ll say it again – we love Pris.

They stand for everything we’re against but equally we love everything they do. Pris are trashy, brashy, shouty, scary, sexy, thrilling and offensively brilliant. They’re the kind of band that you really don’t care how well they play their instruments or how well they can sing – they’re not Adele for f*cks sake. Yes and we love Adele as well. We have no idea if they are competent live outfit (we kind of hope they’re not) and at this stage it doesn’t matter. If every band arrived on the scene and played 100% perfectly from the word go we’d probably only have Coldplay in our lives.

Fact - the B side to their debut single Blu-Tack Baby is even better than the A side. Fact - they do ace cover versions. Fact – they’re playing Breaking More Waves hometown multi-venue festival in September, why not bag yourself a ticket now? Fact – we love Pris.

Here’s a new video montage Pris have put together for their cover version of Janie Jones by The Clash which we featured a while back on the blog. Also there’s another new cover, this time of Bye Bye Baby, originally recorded by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons but probably made more popular by tartan teen sensations The Bay City Rollers in the 1970’s.

Do you love Pris? You should do, otherwise they might just call you a c*nt. And you wouldn’t want that, or would you?

Bye Bye Baby (cover) by I Love Pris

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