Friday, 8 July 2011

Jess Mills - Live For What I'd Die For (Video)

With the goth revival in full swing over the last few years – from the pioneering f*cked up sounds of the witch house scene, to the heavier midnight edges of dubstep, to indie embracing Esben and the Witch and Zola Jesus, it’s no surprise that commercial pop music and club music has also found itself being pulled into this dark well, re-inventing itself for a new digital audience.

The new single by Jess Mills treads vaguely into this blacker downtempo dance scenario, but remains as uplifting as it is heavy, with its lyrics that sing of “I want to step on to the high wire, 100 miles above the ground, to walk the line, but never to look down.” Following our original streaming of Live For What I'd Die For here now is the video for the song, which with its windswept desolate landscapes bears a passing visual similarity to the video for Ain't Nobody by Clare Maguire. Unsurprisingly we like it a lot.

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