Monday, 18 July 2011

Music That Made Me #28 - Stornoway - Zorbing

The first time we met was in a steaming pub, the atmosphere typically boisterous for a Friday. I remember a DJ playing some unremarkable dance music to drown out the slurred chatter; our introduction only lasted a moment. I complimented her on her dress and then was gone, rushing somewhere else into the evening.

Cut forward a few years and now the moments last longer. She’s responsible for some of my worst hangovers, biggest bouts of laughter and bizarre nights out in my life. From dancing with kilted up Scotsmen in a low rate Cardiff 80’s retro bar to freezing nights in an old canvas bell tent in the New Forest after stealing products from a posh hotels toilet and listening to a terrible covers band playing through an antiquated sound system. But behind the fun and her love of zombies, sewing and making the most fantastic cakes (one of which is pictured above), there’s something between us that forms the basis of all the best friendships. It’s knowledge that you utterly trust each other, could tell each other anything without judgement and absolutely love each other. Not every minute can be full of buckets of sunshine; life has its more serious times as well and the greatest friendships share both. Neither of us makes a fuss about the bad times. We get on with them – life’s too short to wallow in being mournful.

In putting together this series, the original idea was to look back nostalgically at my past and the songs that have formed my core. Yet in doing this I have realised that the songs that make me feel vibrant, fresh and alive are often those that I have only just discovered. This friend also makes me feel like that. Although we have our memories it feels that the future is more important. This is a song that we both love. It’s not that old. I know when she hears it reminds her of me a little, and likewise when I hear it I think of her. She’s the only person in the world that whenever we meet always tells me that she loves me. I’m really proud to have her as my friend.


Scryst said...

Lovely. Wish my friends would say things like that about me. Maybe I should tell them I love them. But I'd just get a smack in the mouth.

Tony Jupp said...

I really wasn't looking for my fave music blog to make me cry. I did. Great piece, especially as the music is the catalyst in this instance, not the focus.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Awwww .bless you Tony. Thanks for the kind words.

emrah said...

This makes me feel all warm inside.I love you heaps buddy your one in a million.couldn't be prouder to have you as a friend xxxx