Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Discopolis - New Waves

‘Sounds like digital fucking.’ That’s the tag line that Edinburgh three piece Discopolis use to describe themselves. If that sounds a little bit like two computers wiring up each other’s USB ports – cold, romantic and lacking any sort of personality or physical climax - then thankfully the description isn’t 100% accurate. For although the music of Discopolis mixes up house, layered electronica and techno to get the body a quivering, there’s real living human element to their music as well that gives a golden glow.

Yes, your summer just got a little bit better now Discopolis are here to synth sex you up.

Discopolis formed just last year. Fergus (vocals, synth and guitar) and Lawrie (synth, guitar and samples) had previously been members of another more traditional guitar based group called Ryan’s Mothership, but it was only when they met Dave (synth and drum effects) that things clicked and they journeyed into the territories of clubland. Whilst the band are still very fresh and have yet to release their debut single (which is coming soon), they’ve already uploaded nearly an album’s worth of material onto their Soundcloud account and it puts many acts who have been around a lot longer to shame. Take the urgent rolling techno of Bitches All Over Europe; from ambient beginnings it ends up throttling and pummelling with the same sort of drive as something from Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport. Then there’s the melodic and euphoric Lofty Ambitions which grows from a simple slo-mo disco riff into a shimmering lofty opus full of laptop generated heat. It’s these more song based parts of the Discopolis arsenal that place them somewhere near a band like Delphic, although the Discopolis sound is more firmly based in the centre of the dancefloor than around the edges of it.

This is not just some studio effort either; Discopolis have a number of gigs planned in Scotland already. We can’t envisage it being that long before they’re making the rest of the UK rave.

Discopolis - Summer Nightmares

Discopolis - Bitches All Over Europe

Discopolis - Lofty Ambitions

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