Friday, 29 July 2011

Lighthouses - Control (Live at Good Weekend 2011)

One of the undoubted highlights of last week’s Good Weekend festival, a 500 capacity underground festival in Hampshire (full review here) was the Friday night set by Lighthouses. With intense flashing strobes turning the outdoor stage into some sort of weird alien hallucinogenic spacecraft, their music lifted the small crowd into a full-on electro-rave-pop extravaganza. Now you can witness it yourself in this live video for the song Control below. The performance incorporates parts of the seriously bone-crushing Telegram for the Queen remix which we previously featured here.

As an added bonus we’re also streaming a further remix of the song – the Lighthouses vs Stellar Cred Street Riot remix, which is about as alluring and blissful as you could want for any time of day. Inspirational stuff.

Control (Lighthouses vs. Stellar Cred Street Riot remix) by Lighthouses


Ellie D'Silva said...

You can watch the HD full video here
What an amazing live set!

Chris said...

Awesome tune, and looks amazing live. I wanted to see Lighthouses live (again) after about 30 seconds, not even that, of this video.