Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Polarsets - Morning / Sunset

Sometimes you just can’t get enough cowbell can you? We can’t on Morning by Polarsets, a track that swept around the blog world last year like the out of control brushes in Fantasia. Now the good (no make that great) news is that the song is due to be released through Neon Gold, the New York label that we fell in love a while back when they threw out a succession of credible pop tunes, starting the careers of Passion Pit, Marina and The Diamonds and Ellie Goulding. Maybe more recently Neon Gold haven’t quite pushed the Breaking More Waves buttons with all of their releases, but with Polarsets they’re back on the game. This Newcastle three piece got our pulses racing at The Great Escape in Brighton back in May and then we went a little bit giddy on Twitter, proclaiming our absolute love for everything Geordie – from the angelic indie of Let’s Buy Happiness to the ethereal majesty of Lanterns on the Lake to the beautiful folk-miserabalism of The Unthanks. Although this blog is based on the south coast we feel a strange affinity and love for our north eastern cousins. Maybe one day we'll move there and just spend all of our time salivating over the great bands this area seems to be able to effortlessly produce.

So here’s the deal. If Morning doesn’t get you dancing, then please check your pulse because you are probably dead. Assuming however that you’re very much alive and don’t want the party to stop then check out the b-side Sunset as well. It’s Morning version 2.0, with even more percussion, more sherbert high energy, more carnival joy and more hip-swinging freshness. Polarsets are designed to make you freewheel to the indie dancefloor, so what are you doing still reading ?

Morning by Polarsets

Sunset by Polarsets

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