Friday, 15 July 2011

Lucy Rose - New Waves

Lucy Rose likes tea. She likes it so much that at a recent show we attended she apologised to the audience for not having any merchandise or CD’s with her, but she was selling her own brand of the nation’s finest ( Lucy Rose Builder Grey – 2 parts English Breakfast Tea to 1 part Earl Grey). It’s fair to say that by the time you’ve taken her name, her tea, and her genteel acoustic songs Lucy could really only ever come from England. We’re just waiting for someone to use the headline ‘English Rose’ – surely it has to be done soon?

The back story with Lucy involves early busking and open mic slots, a Mumford & Sons approved demo and a friendship with Bombay Bicycle Club that saw Lucy guest on their song Flaws. She’s also been quietly charming the socks off those who see her live, selling out shows on the strength of those things that really matter – good songs, played well with a great voice. It sounds so simple and it probably is but right now there’s a hunger for something purer and more traditional than the lowest common denominator over produced club and r ‘n’ b related cheddar flavoured toss that is littering up much of the UK chart.

Lucy Rose - Middle Of The Bed by Lucy Rose

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