Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Laura Marling - Sophia (Video)

There’s something that gets written about Laura Marling more than anything else. It goes something like ‘mature beyond her years’. It’s almost become a cliché to write it.

Laura’s previous two albums 2008’s Alas I Cannot Swim and last year’s I Speak Because I Can both ended up on the Breaking More Waves respective top ten albums of the year list and bagged Mercury Music Prize nominations. With this new song Sophia, from her third release A Creature I Don’t Know which is out in September there’s a suggestion that she may be about to do it all over again.

Laura has already stated that she’s not sure if this song is fully representative of the album and there have been reports that the first part of the new record has an underlying coffee table jazz style more similar to likes of Norah Jones. “Who’s been touching my skin, who have I been letting in,” she starts sounding world weary and disappointed on Sophia. From there she journeys through choir girl backing vocals last heard on Blue Roses debut album to a full blown alt. country rock tune. “When the bell tolls for your last day, you'll be getting down on your knees to pray,” she sings as the song reaches its conclusion. The impression left is something more substantial and complex than anything else she’s produced to date. Mature beyond her years.

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