Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lykke Li - Sadness Is A Blessing (D/R/U/G/S Remix)

When we first came across D/R/U/G/S last year they were two head bobbing, knob twiddling dance dudes. Now however it seems that they’ve been reduced to the solo project of one Callum Wright. We named D/R/U/G/S as one of our Ones to Watch for 2011 at the back end of 2010 – probably the most leftfield of those we selected. Yet whilst D/R/U/G/S was never going to bother the higher reaches of the charts Callum has been doing pretty well for himself, bagging a slot on the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury (footage here) and delivering remixes for Fixers and now Lykke Li.

This one’s a full on, headily pumping piece of work, ready to give satisfaction to anyone looking for an out of it self-indulgent pleasure seeking experience. The track streams below and can be downloaded from D/R/U/G/S own Soundcloud here. If you haven’t heard it yet, Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes, her second album from which the original track is taken is also mightily impressive, a dark and emotive recording.

Lykke Li 'Sadness Is A Blessing' - D / R / U / G / S REMIX

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