Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Givers - Up Up Up (Video)

By the end of summer Up Up Up by Givers could be a song that we’re all so enamoured with that we’ll be using it as a soundtrack to cop of with one another or it will have become so intensely annoying in its upbeat exuberance that every time you hear it thoughts of violent murder will cross your brain.

Givers must be feeling pretty smug with themselves right now. Not only have they written a song that makes life seem such a joy, but their two front vocalists are also intensely good looking in a clean cut our-babies-would-look-absolutely-perfect way. Jealously will get us nowhere though. We know our place and are in this case thankful for bands like The Pigeon Detectives to show us that not everything is perfect.

We’ve featured the single previously on the blog, now here’s the video.

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