Thursday, 14 July 2011

Alpines - Cocoon

How many times do you think the words ‘darkness’, ‘elegant’ and ‘nightpop’ have already been used by those who write about music to describe the sounds that Alpines make ? The answer is, of course, quite a lot. Not (probably) as many times as the word ‘booty’ has been used in connection with Beyonce, or even (probably) the number of times the word ‘shit’ has been used in connection with the band Viva Brother (Google both if you don’t believe it), but still it’s an awful lot.

The point is that when a band release a number of singles that all follow a similar path it does become almost impossibly challenging to write something new about their sound without repeating what has already been said, or reverting to a thesaurus and ending up sounding like some sort of pretentious idiot (although sometimes pretension in pop music is to be admired). So instead we’ll just say this is the new single from Alpines. It’s called Cocoon. We recommend you listen to it, because it’s quite good. That may not sound like much of a compliment but as neither Catherine or Bob have shown us their booty or made anything that is remotely near shit, it will have to do.

*If you really want to read deeper and more meaningful commentary on the song, which all ultimately just say ‘quite good’ then click here, here or here. You score extra points for spotting the use of the word dark / darkness, elegant or night pop. The song is released on August 22.

Cocoon by Alpines

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