Friday, 8 July 2011

Substatic - Bloodlust

The desire for incredible violence often aroused in the middle of battle. This is one definition of Bloodlust. But here’s a new definition for today. Bloodlust is take-you-higher beats, smooth female vocals and a tune that takes the essence of commercial club music and sculpts it into something more laidback and non-violently arousing. As lead singer Colleen’s lyrics suggests – we want to do it again.

Bloodlust by Substatic is the first of the Bristol three-piece’s new material to find the light of day and is likely to find a full ‘proper’ release at some point later this year. The song has evolved over time, starting out with a much more downbeat dubby vibe before finding a heavier tense sound that the group felt would work better in the live set. You’ll get your chance to hear exactly how it works when the band play some more shows, which are tentatively being planned for late August and early September.

Considering that Bloodlust is currently only a demo it’s faultlessly produced and a long way from the days when bands would record a virtually unlistenable demo recorded on an old C60 cassette tape on a player with built in microphone. It also seems perfect for leading us into the weekend. Ready ?

Bloodlust (demo) by SUBSTATIC

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