Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Black Light Dinner Party - Small Boxes

Remember Black Light Dinner Party? They burnt brightly with the computerised pop dream of debut song Older Together earlier this year and a bunch of bloggers (including ourselves) went a bit ga-ga mental over it. Since then the band have been pretty elusive – we almost thought they’d gone into hibernation - but now new material is emerging.

Small Boxes is not as instantly hooky as Older Together, but there’s no denying that after a few listens its mid-tempo electro-shimmer takes hold of you, touching you with a too-cool-for-school nonchalant groove. It’s fair to say that the production and sounds used will probably still draw the inevitable Passion Pit comparisons, but this is no bad thing.

One thing we’re a little disappointed with in terms of coverage of Black Light Dinner Party is the amount of articles that we’ve read calling the band anonymous. Even the NME called the group a ‘mystery project.’ Come on journalists doesn't your job description require you to be a little investigative ? Although not to the extent of the disgusting News of the World phone hacking crimes, please. Do your research, as even a humble two-bit one-man part-time blog like Breaking More Waves managed to unearth a few facts with nothing more than Google in about five minutes (here). For now however, let’s not worry too much about identities because ultimately that's just filler back story (although we do love a good back story now and then as it helps us to relate and gain a sense of ownership of the artist and we all know that secretly pop isn't just about the music - it's about the haircuts, the fashion, the attitude, the character and the history). For now just enjoy the music.

Small Boxes by Black Light Dinner Party

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