Monday 5 December 2022

Ones to Watch 2023 #5 Ellie Dixon


First Featured on Breaking More Waves: Not applicable

Let's face it, pop music can be great, but it can also be very very bad. At it's worst can be like a McDonalds burger: uninspiring beige and formulaic. Satisfying only if you want to play safe with something that you know exactly what it will be like.

Ellie Dixon makes very good pop music. It's easy to imagine if she cooked you a burger it would be full of ingredients you didn't expect, but somehow they work. Maybe she'd slap a bit of peanut butter in there. Or even broccoli. The bun would be coloured pink or blue.

I mention broccoli in particular as she mentions it in the lyrics of her song: "You're not an image or a product or commodity, you aren't worth more because you like to eat brocolli." It's these funny but endearing little lyrical phrases that Ellie has throughout her songs. My favourite? "Working hard is how it is, well excuse me I got bigger fish, got a business meeting with my fridge," she sings on CEO of Watching Television. I'm sure we can all relate at some point in our lives.

Ellie's tunes which she writes, produces and records herself are full of interesting little sounds (she's quite a fan of sampling domestic objects and turning them in to music) and quirky, catchy hooks. If you haven't heard her yet press play on the track Swing below and you'll get it. She'll make life feel better.

Having recently played her own nationwide tour of small venues and supported last year's One to Watch Sam Ryder as well as picking up play on Radio 1 (not to mention decent streaming statistics) hopefully 2023 will find Ellie releasing even more great pop that will make you smile even more. 

Whatever problems you have might be big, but Ellie Dixon's music will make you feel bigger - as big as Godzilla.

Ellie Dixon - Swing

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