Monday 5 December 2022

Ones to Watch 2023 #4 The Dinner Party


First Featured on Breaking More Waves: Not applicable

It’s very rare on Breaking More Waves for the annual Ones to Watch list to feature an artist or band that has yet to officially release any material. The only times this has happened before was in 2008 with Marina and the Diamonds who already had a video of a song out, but didn’t officially released it until February 2009 and also in 2009 I picked Clare Maguire as One to Watch before she released her debut single in 2010. Clare ended up on quite a few tip lists as One to Watch (including the BBC Sound of List) at the end of that year (she also went on to make my favourite album of 2016 - Stranger Things Have Happened – a much over looked diamond in my opinion).

Now I'm doing it again. The 4th One to Watch selection for 2023 is The Dinner Party. 

Having caught them at Mutations Festival in Brighton my impressions are that The Dinner Party are an odd band and certainly not one that could ever be described as capturing the zeitgeist, unless we’ve returned in a Tardis to the 70s and glam is in vogue. However, their thoroughly non-modern music is all the better for it. Artists that came to mind when I saw them play included Kate Bush, Sparks, Queen, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and Jethro Tull. Throw in a keytar, a confident front-woman, a song called The Feminine Urge, and references to being guided by their favourite Romantic poets and Gothic novelists to the mix and The Dinner Party are nothing if intriguing.

Having already supported The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park (yes really), played a number of multi-venue festivals and been confirmed as support for The Murder Capital’s tour next February it’s clear that they’ve got some weight behind them.

What we need now is some music to be officially released. Let’s hope 2023 brings it. Keep an eye (and ear) for them. The Dinner Party are Ones to Watch 2023.

The Dinner Party (Live at The Moth Club, London)

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